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Reviewers are the bridge between authors and readers. They help one make up their mind to read or not to read a book. Here are some you should follow for book recommendations.

Paula Shereckhise

It is moderated by Debra Marvin, a Christian author. There are 7 reviewers and several authors that blog on this site.
My favorite genres are Christian historical and suspense/mystery. Some other contemporary, but I am choosy.
I love reviewing because I get to read new releases. I am on several publishers review crews and many influencer teams. I try very hard to review every book I read.
My Goodreads link is:

So you can check out all my reviews. I’ve only been conscientious about reviewing for about 4 or 5 years. And on Inkwell Inspirations since February, 2018.

Mary Ann Hake

She uses her facebook profile to review books. You can find her here.

Nancy Carmichael

Nancy Carmichael has a podcast where she interviews authors and sometimes gives a brief review of both fiction and nonfiction Christian books. Her blog / podcast is called isleofmisfits

In case you’ve missed the other posts of other christian fiction reviewers to follow, scroll down my blog to view them. Please be sure to check them out. Awesome super heroes they are.

Ebos Aifuobhokhan.


  1. Paula is a super reviewer, and I’m so happy to host her along with Rebecca Maney, Karen Klepsteen, Winnie Thomas, Kim Ann G., Nicole Cook, and Trixi Oberembt. Thanks so much Ebos! We are thrilled you’ve added Paula and Inkwell Inspirations to your list!

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      1. It comes and goes depending how you scroll but I found it. I’m hoping this gives me email announcements as well. The old system of being a ‘blog follower’ meant you had to go online and looking for the list of blogs. But following by email helps the process. thanks for your help!

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