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A fudge shop owner dumped a week before her Christmas wedding. The best friend who has sworn never to risk his heart. A Christmas tragedy that could tie them together or pull them apart.

Christmas isn’t looking so merry and bright for fudge shop owner Ariana when her fiancé walks out of her life only a week before their Christmas wedding. As she turns to her lifelong best friend Ethan to help her pick up the pieces, she’s careful not to let the feelings she once harbored for him surface. He’s made it more than clear that he doesn’t think about her that way.

Volunteer firefighter Ethan has kept his heart in a steel cage for the past ten years—ever since his entire family was killed in a car accident. But when Ariana needs him, he knows he has to be there for her. Even if the thought of risking his heart to her leaves him quaking in his fire boots. He knows what happens when you love someone: they can be snatched from you.Just as he finally works up the courage to take the leap, the unthinkable happens. Now Ethan has to decide: Can he trust that all things—including his relationship with Ariana—are in God’s hands? Or will he be spending another Christmas alone? 


Short but beautiful and heart warming.

I like stories like this of long time best friends in love with each and professing it so many years later.
I enjoyed the journey Ariana and Ethan took to the point of professing their love to each other.
I enjoyed more the heart change God did in their lives.
The very thing Ethan was terrified about was the very thing that happened to him again and God used it to break him out of fear to trust in Him.
Ari’s journey was the realization she was already love eternally by God Himself.

Set in the most beautiful and wonderful season of the year this book will do your heart good and remind you of the essence of Christmas.


Valerie M. Bodden has three great loves: Jesus, her family, and books. And chocolate (okay, four great loves). She writes emotion-filled Christian fiction that weaves real-life problems, real-life people, and real-life faith. Her characters may (okay, will) experience some heartache along the way, but true to her tendencies as a hopeless romantic, she will always give them a happy ending. Valerie is living out her happily ever after with her high-school-sweetheart-turned-husband and their four children in snowy Wisconsin.

Visit her at to get your free short story today. 




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