Christian Fiction


(The Mosaic Collection Book 7)


One man running from his past, two women he’s attracted to, and a peculiar town that won’t let him go.
Matthew Sadler rides his ’77 Harley into Happenstance, intent on passing through, but people and events conspire to prevent his leaving.
The elderly Barlow sisters consider Matt their knight on a motorcycle. Matt is entranced by Roni, the other lodger at the Happenstance Hotel who bears an uncanny resemblance to Matt’s beloved, deceased wife. The young doctor in town, Paula Percy, adores Matt’s motorcycle. However, she is suspicious of the woman from the hotel.
As the days pass, the quaint little town, with its unique residents, begins to show its sinister side. When evidence of multiple thefts leads to Matt’s door, he must deal with a mystery and yet more false accusations.
Do the old diaries of Amanda Rutherford Barlow hold the answers Matt so desperately seeks? Will Happenstance finally let him go, or does he have a reason to stay?

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The author did a wonderful job writing this book.
The beginning of the story looked nothing like the end. The twists, bends and curves of the story was superb. I enjoyed how the author wrote about how God works behind the scene in the lives of his children.
Matt has lost faith in God and was running. Almost ran off the road by two wonderful sisters into Happenstance. I enjoyed reading how he got to let go of the past and face the accusations against him head-on. Even though he has to experience Roni’s wrath in the process.
You’d be enamored by the two sister’s Gracyie and Emm. Wonderful women. Their spunky will make you laugh and admire them despite their age.
Everyone gets to have a second chance and Paula did. I love how the author introduced her into the story!
Everyone loves a love triangle story once in a while.

God’s workings behind the scenes and his consistent pursuing of mankind ran through this story.

I received a copy of the book and this is my honest opinion.


Janice L. Dick has been writing since 1989. Her first two historical novels, Calm Before the Storm and Eye of the Storm, won first place in the historical fiction category of The Word Guild’s Canadian Writing Awards. The third novel in the series, Out of the Storm, was short-listed for the same award.

These three novels, currently out of print, will be re-released under her own imprint, Tansy & Thistle Press, in the near future.

Janice has also written a second historical fiction series called In Search of Freedom. Again, it is based on the stories of Mennonites from South Russia, since that is the author’s heritage.

The first book, Other Side of the River, follows Luise, Daniel, and company from western Siberia to the far eastern reaches of the Soviet Union. It is based on a historical event, woven into a fictional story. The second book, In a Foreign Land, is based on the memories of a real-life survivor, and moves the story into China. The third and final volume, Far Side of the Sea, follows the family to the USA, via Germany, spanning a forty-year period.

Besides historical fiction, Janice also writes long and short contemporary fiction, book reviews, blogs and non-fiction articles.

Janice is the first winner of the Janette Oke Award, presented by InScribe Christian Writer’s Fellowship in 2016.

Janice writes from her farm home on the Saskatchewan prairies of Canada. She and her husband love farm life and enjoy their family of three married children and their spouses, and eleven grandchildren.

See more about Janice and her writing on her website at


The first words in The Mosaic Collection were put to paper in 2018 when a handful of Minnesotan authors breathed life into the lonely world of self-publishing by doing it together. Now an international community of women, the authors in The Mosaic Collection claim much of North America as home, from Alberta to Kentucky and Oklahoma to Ontario.

With over 150 years of collective writing experience, more than 550 years of life experience, and well beyond 50 novels, novellas, devotionals, and memoirs that tell their stories, the women in The Mosaic Collection have faced devastating loss, offered prayers that seem unanswered this side of heaven, experienced the disintegration of family, and wrestled through the unknowns of long military deployments. They have also stepped out in faith to see Kingdom purposes accomplished even in the face of discouragement or dismay, chosen gritty determination and joy over anxiety, and persistently chosen to trust God through uncertain circumstances and unanswered prayers.

Award-winning and best-selling authors, the authors in The Mosaic Collection are active leaders and members in American Christian Fiction Writers, InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship, the Minnesota Christian Writers Guild, The Word Guild, Romance Writers of America, Wordsowers Christian Writers, Serious Writer Academy, and My Book Therapy. Many also haunt annual writer’s conferences around the North American continent.

Wives, mothers, and lifelong readers, the authors in The Mosaic Collection have done exactly what you’d expect. Not ones to settle for just the expected, they’ve also covered other creative territory, including (but not limited to) time as a flag twirler, agriculture news reporter, A&W waitress, caretaker, church soloist, MA grad, hot cocoa enthusiast, mostly-encouraged home educator, time waster, hyper-responsible conscience for the whole world, former alpaca owner, city-girl gone ranch wife, rainbow baby, procrastinator, paralyzed evangelist, optimist, and really grateful friend to many other women.



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