Christian Fiction

Intent: IN The Shadows. Spotlight

About The Book.

When a pastor’s daughter is pursued by a stalker, she must hold tightly to her faith as the menacing presence closes in.

Raylee, a pastor’s daughter, just wants to get through the last two years of high school. But it’s not easy when you’re an outsider. Or when the most popular girl in school’s goal is to make your life miserable.

Or when someone starts to STALK you. . .

When classmate Paul befriends Raylee, she is determined to ignore Crystal’s ploys. And when new student Billy arrives, Raylee finds herself drawn to his mysterious side. But Crystal is determined too, and she will do whatever it takes to keep him from Raylee and to ensure that the rest of Raylee’s high school years remain angst-ridden.

Raylee must cling to her FAITH in God more than ever, because someone lurks in the shadows, watching her, leaving scary clues, someone who wants to set her on edge. But why? Is it Crystal and her clique, or worse, someone she trusts?

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Crystal glowered at Raylee with unconcealed annoyance. Gina must have picked up on her sour mood because a moment later, she slipped Crystal a note. Crystal flashed another smile. Raylee didn’t know how to respond. She only knew that whenever Crystal smiled at her, it wasn’t a good thing.

The nervous beating of her heart accelerating was enough evidence.

Raylee shook her head as though shaking the memory away. Prying herself away from Crystal, she addressed Katy. “So, Katy, when do you think—”

“Donald, when will you ever learn? She’s beneath you.” Crystal was suddenly stopped next to their table, her eyes locked on Raylee.

Donald cleared his throat, clearly a little intimidated by Crystal, though he sat up in an attempt to show her he wasn’t.

Before he could even get a word in, Crystal placed her hand on his shoulder and smiled, one of those nasty insincere smiles that took pleasure in hurting others.

“Don’t bother.” She slowly looked around at Raylee and her friends before resting her eyes on Donald. “Maybe someday you will figure it out.”

Gina wore the same smile as Crystal as she shot a look at the table before following her friend out of the room.

Katy patted Raylee’s arm. “Ignore them. I do.”

Raylee managed a faint smile but pushed the rest of her food away.

Raylee unexpectedly found herself longing for Billy. It made sense, really. After all, he’d been there when Crystal humiliated her in the bathroom. Apparently, he had first lunch. The coldness from Crystal’s icy smile sunk into her heart.

“I’m sorry. You okay?” Donald asked, snapping Raylee from her distressing feelings.

She nodded and managed to finish most of her meal while Paul shared news about the upcoming Jurassic Park movie next summer, and Katy expressed her excitement about their project in chemistry class.

Thankfully, the rest of the day went by quickly. Donald asked if she’d like to hang out at her aunt’s burger place, and she’d agreed. It would be nice to do something after school than just go straight home.

About The Author.

Krista Wagner is a 70’s product who lives with her supportive Marine Corp veteran husband,three entertaining and very bright children, a suitcase of stories begging to be finished, and an indispensable faith in Christ. She has been creating stories since she was seven and is best known for her mystery and suspense novels. Back in the 90’s, she was on her highschool literary magazine staff, and she also co-authored a zine, amontage devoted to the creativity of multiple teenagers. Her short stories and poetry have appeared in several literary publications. Shewrote her first novel at the age of 14, but it wasn’t until her thirties that she published her first book. Krista reaches into those chasms of darkness, dealing with themes of betrayal and deception and hope, with intriguing characters and intense story lines. All her books are clean and are for young adult and up.


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